ACPE has three types of memberships: actif members, honor members, and supporter members

1 – Actif member:

Who should be actif member of ACPE

  • Every Cameroonian without discrimination of gender, tribe or region
  • Anyone married to a Cameroonian, member of ACPE
  • Anyone married to a Cameroonian who is not a member of ACPE; but with good moral character testify by a member of ACPE

2 – Honor member:

An actif member or other can initiate a demand of honor membership on behalf of any well-known notoriety, and it should be approved by the council committee and general assembly.

3 – Supporter member:

  • Any actif member with an outstanding balance of $150 or greater on his membership fee after the due date, immediately lose his status of actif member and is considered a supporter member.
  • Supporter member is not included in contribution taken from membership account if withdraw is initiated in case of an event.
  • Supporter member becomes actif member immediately after payment of the amount due to his membership account.
  • Supporter member don’t have the right to vote and can’t receive any financial assistance from the association
  • Support member should continue to abide to disciplinary rule of general assembly meeting and any penalty would be enforced.
  • It is the responsibility of support member to provide his contribution for collation.

4 – Registration fee:

Registration fee is $10 in person during a general assembly meeting. This fee is subject to change with the approbation of the general assembly.
Registration of the honor member is done by the secretariat general with the approbation of council committee and general assembly.

5 – Membership funds:

  • Each actif member should pay $250
  • Each new member has three months from the day of registration to complete this fee.
  • In case of withdraw from the association account, the amount withdraw is divided among actif members at the time. Each actif member has three months to pay back.


Created back in July of 2005, the ACPE is currently 501-C3 non-profit organization with cultural, educational, and social purposes.

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